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Jaden Korr
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"A Jedi, me? No, not yet, I’m one of Kyle Katarn’s students.
—Jaden and Chewbacca

Jaden Korr was a Jedi Trainee in 14 ABY under Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order at the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV. There, Jaden learned the ways of the force and was set to be trained under Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn, along with fellow trainee, Rosh Penin. When Jaden arrived on the planet, though, he was immediately sucked into a rising conflict between a reborn Sith cult, known as the Disciples of Ragnos, and the New Republic.

Jaden served the Republic on many missions to hunt down the Disciples and diffuse the situation. In doing so, Jaden steadily gained rank to Jedi Knight. It was with that, Jaden learned that Rosh had been kidnapped by the Disciples. Jaden’s attention turned to helping Kyle find Rosh, but was forced to continue with his missions. Jaden, however, found Rosh on Vjun, when he and Kyle were sent there to investigate if the Dark side force energy had been removed. Jaden also discovered that Rosh had turned to the dark side.

Jaden survived his confrontation with Rosh and continued to hunt down the Disciples, after discovering that Tavion was behind the cult’s appearance. Through his hunts, Jaden discovered that Tavion was going to use the scepter she had found to resurrect Marka Ragnos on Korriban. Jaden and Kyle traveled there, but were first assigned to a distress call from Taspir III. There Jaden confronted Rosh once more and accepted the fact that Rosh had turned back from the Dark side. But was trapped, when Tavion’s apprentice, whom he had confronted on Hoth appeared and fought him. He struck Alora down, rescued Rosh from Taspir III and continued on to Korriban. There, Jaden managed to stop Tavion from resurrecting Marka Ragnos and put an end to the Disciples of Ragnos.


Humble BeginningsEdit

"Well you’re the one with the Lightsaber."
—Rosh Penin
6 Possibilities

Six possible Jadens (non canon)

Little was known about Jaden Korr before he arrived at the Jedi Temple on Yavin IV in 14 ABY, except that somewhere along the way he had constructed a lightsaber of his own. He explained this to a new acquaintance, Rosh Penin, on the shuttle as they arrived in the planet’s atmosphere. But his conversation was cut off when the main engine failed and the shuttle crashed into the forest below. He and Rosh were separated from the main group during the crash and had to fight their way back to a nearby Massassi Temple.

Along the way, they experienced Howlers, native reptilian creatures. After maneuvering their way to the temple, they discovered it was being guarded by two Imperial Stormtroopers. Rosh insisted that Jaden investigate since he had a lightsaber and would appear more intimidating. However, as Jaden took down the two Stormtroopers a cultist came out from behind a pile of rocks to fight him, which he too struck down.

Jaden then continued on to explore the rest of the Temple for anymore Imperial presence. During his probe, he discovered three Dark side force users holding a scepter, which released an orange beam. Jaden leaned in to listen for any conversation, when he was hit by the beam. He woke up to the presence of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn, among other Jedi Apprentices and Trainees. Jaden told Luke exactly what he saw. They returned to the Jedi Temple, where Jaden and others were welcomed as trainees in the New Jedi Order. Each trainee was assigned to a master, and out of short supply of master’s two apprentices were assigned to one master. It took place so that Jaden and Rosh would be paired together to train under Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn.

Jaden and Rosh were then taken to the training facility where they each entered an obstacle course that tested and developed their lightsaber combat and Force abilities. However, Rosh took the training as a race and when he got the opportunity; he released one of Luke’s training drones on Jaden. Jaden was forced to fight it off, thus falling behind. When they both arrived at the finish, Jaden confronted Rosh about the drone. Kyle had to settle the two down, especially Jaden.

Discovery of the CultEdit

After Jaden had finished training with Kyle, he and Kyle were assigned to a couple missions to investigate disturbances throughout the Galaxy. In each mission, Jaden learned more about the Force and each weapon he chose. But with each new mission, Jaden learned more about a rising Sith cult organization called the Disciples of Ragnos.


Jaden and Kyle were sent in to investigate the appearance of a couple local mercenary groups interacting with the cult on Coronet, Corellia. But, during their visit, they intercepted a runaway tram that had been hijacked by one of those groups of mercenaries. Kyle dropped Jaden at the back of the tram and told him to make his way to the front and clean out the cars, while Kyle chased down mercenary vessels.

As Jaden continued onward through the cars, he discovered yet another connection between the mercenaries and the cultists, confirming the paranoia swelling the galaxy. Jaden had to fight off another Dark Jedi on top of one of the glass covered cars and one more before reaching a bomb located within one of the cars. Jaden disabled the bomb, figuring the mercenaries were planning on blowing it up in one of Coronets busiest terminals. But as soon as he disabled the bomb, the tram started to speed up. The mercenaries changed their plans and decided to ram into the station.

Jaden had to continue to fight his way to the front where he discovered another cultist. He struck him down quickly and continued into the cockpit of the tram. He shut down the tram and it skidded to a halt. He joined up with Kyle, who had taken care of the remaining mercenary vessel and together they traveled back to Yavin IV to inform Luke of the definite connection between the mercenaries and the Disciples of Ragnos.


Droid RecoveryEdit

Jaden was assigned to two different tasks on Tatooine shortly after his training on Yavin IV. His first assignment was to recover a missing R4 unit. The unit had belonged to a moisture farmer who overheard officers in a cantina talking about the Disciples and had his R4 unit record the conversation. Kyle traveled with Jaden to Tatooine, but stayed behind to talk to the farmer.

As Jaden went out looking for the droid, he discovered that the local Tusken Raiders had beaten him to the Jawas. He had to fight his way through the Dune Sea canyons to get to the missing Sandcrawler. Once he found the Sandcrawler, he stormed it to find more Tuskens harassing the Jawas. He took out the remaining Tuskens and found the missing R4 unit, but found no more Jawas to negotiate with. He led the R4 unit outside the Sandcrawler, where he was attacked by yet another group of Tusken Raiders. Jaden eventually returned to Kyle where they took the R4 unit to scan its memory for any conversation.

Mercenary ActivityEdit
"Did I miss something?"
—Kyle Katarn

Shortly after the droid recovery, Jaden and Kyle returned to Tatooine after hearing more reports on Cultist appearances. Kyle orders Jaden to stay by the ship, the Raven’s Claw, after encountering some mercenary vessels and the Millennium Falcon. Jaden waited by the docking entrance for Kyle to return when Chewbacca entered saying he was there with Princess Leia Organa. Jaden escorts Chewbacca back to the dock when they were ambushed by mercenaries, as their ships were caught in a tractor beam

Jaden and Chewbacca were forced to hold back the mercenaries as they fought through each docking bay. At one point during the standoff, Chewbacca and Jaden were separated when a small group of mercenaries blew up the entrance to the docking bay. Jaden was forced to continue onward and search for the controls to release the beam. Jaden fought his way to the control tower where he encountered a Dark Jedi, one of the Disciples of Ragnos. He struck down the cultist and disabled the tractor beam. But the presence of the cultist gave Jaden and Kyle the connection they wanted, inferring that the Disciples were branching out to become a bigger threat then they realized. Jaden rejoined Chewbacca and eventually Kyle, telling them what he had discovered. Jaden and Kyle returned to the Academy on Yavin to report what they discovered to Luke.


The Academy received a distress call from a mining facility on Bakura. However, Kyle was out with Rosh, so Jaden was sent there alone. Kyle did state that he was going to meet Jaden on Bakura, but he never showed up. Jaden decided to continue on with the mission himself. But as he did, he discovered another possible connection with the Cult.

After examining a video feed from a security camera in the facility, Jaden discovered that the Imperial Remnant was also connected with the Disciples of Ragnos, and they were setting bombs to blow up the facility. Jaden took immediate action and stormed the facility. But as he did, the Stormtroopers were alerted to his presence quickly and had to fight off the entire Imperial Remnant in the facility.

Jaden quickly disabled the five explosives that had been placed and returned to his ship, knowing the Academy would appreciate this information. But as he returned, he was constantly ambushed by wave after wave of Imperial Stormtroopers. He eventually pushed his way through and returned to his ship. From there, he returned to the Academy to relay the information to Luke.


Jaden’s mission to Blenjeel did not exactly provide any evidence to the existence of the cultist or mercenary activity, but did help the Republic map out further unknown regions and planet in the outer Outer Rim Territories. While on Blenjeel, Jaden discovered an unknown predator sand-burrower that had massacred the abandoned crew of a merchant ship that had crashed on the planet. He was sent there after the Academy received a distress call from the crew. However, when Jaden arrived, he too crashed on the planet only to find the crew gone from the wreckage. Jaden did use the spare parts from the downed merchant ship to repair his own, but had to do it carefully as the sand-burrowers were still lurking around the merchant ship.

Becoming an ApprenticeEdit

As Jaden remained on Yavin IV, Luke Skywalker addressed the Academy about a journal he had kept of all the places in the galaxy he had felt a strong Force aura. He reported that someone had slipped into his quarters and stolen the journal. He suspected that the Disciples of Ragnos were behind the missing journal especially after he heard that they were siphoning the dark side energy from select areas, including the temple on Yavin IV that Jaden witnessed. He feared that they would visit the areas he mentioned in his journal and siphon the dark side energy from those locations. Luke ordered each master, knight, apprentice and trainee to explore select planets from the journal and investigate if the Cult had already arrived. Jaden was assigned to Hoth.

When he arrived on Hoth, he immediately sensed the lack of force energy anywhere. As he was about to leave, he discovered a blinking light in the distance. He commandeered a Tauntaun and rode off towards the light, only to discover an Imperial outpost. This sparked his curiosity and continued to explore further in, near Echo Base. Once he arrived inside the base, he soon discovered that the Imperials were using it as an outpost of their own to cover up and investigation by the Cult itself. Jaden stumbled upon a Dark Jedi as he was relaying a message back to a woman named Alora. The Dark Jedi was talking about different locations Luke had not mentioned in his journal. Jaden confronted and killed the Dark Jedi, and continued on to try and stop Alora.

He found her in a hangar bay, underneath the surface of the planet, communicating with her master. Jaden confronted her there and nearly defeated her. As he jumped in for the killing blow, Alora leaped onto a nearby rock and out of harms way, continuing up into a ventilation shaft. She mocked Jaden as she ran away. Jaden returned to his fighter and traveled back to Yavin IV where he informed Luke and Kyle of his discovery on Hoth. Luke was distressed that they had learned of Dagobah. The news was the same all around the galaxy. The cult had managed to siphon most of the dark side energy from each planet, all except Byss, and only because Rosh had not returned or called in. Luke again expressed his regret and feared Rosh was in trouble. Kyle volunteered to go search for Rosh. Jaden insisted on going to, but was told off by both teachers. Luke told Jaden that he was needed at the Academy to complete more missions, and granted him the title of Apprentice.

Investigation the CultEdit

After Jaden became an Apprentice, he continued to conduct missions involving the ongoing investigation into the cult, Disciples of Ragnos. As more and more reports entered the Academy pertaining to the cult, Jaden was sent out to handle more difficult missions, including Wedge Antilles take out an Imperial Garrison station, where they were mining Tibanna gas. Even though he was an apprentice, Jaden still learned to utilize newer force powers and enhance the ones he had learned before. He also used more weapons then before. Each mission took him one step closer to discovering the terrible truth behind the Disciples of Ragnos.

Nar KreetaEdit

Jaden’s mission on Nar Kreeta was not necessarily posed towards the ongoing investigation of the Disciples of Ragnos, but it did however, prove important. The Academy had received a distress signal from Nar Kreeta saying that the village elders had been captured by a local Hutt crime lord. Since Kyle was nearby investigating the disappearance of Rosh, he decided to join Jaden in the rescue. However, during Jaden’s rescue, he discovered that the elders were captured for a sporting event (most likely an arena death match between man and beast) and were not the only ones captured. He also learned that the Hutt had a Rancor housed within the arena and would set it loose shortly afterwards.

Now, Jaden had to race against the Rancor to evacuate twelve more elders in the arena. While he was there, he did discover mercenaries similar to those working with the cult. They would house themselves in the different booths to watch as Jaden and the elders fled the oncoming Rancor. Eventually, Jaden released every captive in the facility and took them back to the ventilation shaft where Kyle had dropped him off. Kyle picked up Jaden and the elders and together they returned to the Academy.

Zonju VEdit

Jaden’s next mission was to Zonju V, where he was to meet a contact who had overheard the cult talking about their intensions. He hired a swoop speeder bike out to meet the contact. But along the way, he was ambushed by mercenaries and had to speed up to reach the contact in time. He arrived at the rendezvous point and started conversing with the contact, when a disruptor bolt shot by and killed the contact.

Jaden ran indoors only to have his entrance locked behind him. He continued through to the other side, where more mercenaries were waiting for him. Eventually, Jaden was able to maneuver his way to a cliff. There, he leaped the canyon and landed safely on the other side, ridding himself of the mercenaries. He traveled back to the hangar and returned to his ship. From there, Jaden flew back to the Academy to report what he had discovered and inform Luke of the unfortunate death of the contact.


After becoming an apprentice, Jaden received the chance to show off his skills to someone other than a Jedi. He was assigned to assist Wedge Antilles during a raid on an Imperial Mining Outpost above Kril'dor. The two of them flew into the outpost, on platforms above the surface of the planet, and conducted their operation.

Jaden’s job was to plant beacons on key buildings for Wedge to locate and destroy. There were seven locations. During his raid on the planet, Jaden discovered a handful of Dark Jedi that he had to fend off. This discovery strengthened the Academy’s assumption that the two factions were working together. However, once every building was destroyed, Wedge noticed the Imperials planting explosives on the Tibanna gas containers. He ordered Jaden to sweep in and disable the explosives. Jaden did so and returned to his ship where he was ambushed by, yet again, another Dark Jedi. He struck down the Dark Jedi and continued onto his Z-95 Headhunter starfighter. He flew away, with a good impression on Wedge, to inform Kyle and Luke of his discovery on Kril’dor.


Jaden managed to be assigned to his home planet, Coruscant, after word that a local crime lord was selling illegal assassin droids on the black-market. Jaden arrived on the planet, just outside the crime lord’s estate when the crime lord, Lannik Racto, appeared before him and blew up the connection bridge between the platform and his office. This forced Jaden to take the long way around.

Jumping close proximity buildings, Jaden leaped his way around to Lannik’s estate. Upon opening the door, Jaden discovered a dark Jedi and dark side force wielder. Jaden made the assumption that the cult and Lannik were cooperating in a joint effort to disrupt the Republic. Jaden fought off the two dark Jedi and stormed Lannik’s office. Once in it, Lannik sent four assassin droids on Jaden, distracting him while Lannik hid within a safety chamber. Jaden sliced down the droids and ambushed Lannik as he exited the chamber. After apprehending Lannik, the Republic was able to discover the location of Lannik’s droid factory on Nar Shaddaa.


Jaden was tipped off about an Imperial and Cult presence on the planet Dosuun. He traveled there, only to be immediately ambushed by Imperial operatives. He found himself in a holding cell in a facility owned by a small time hunter named Rax. Rax presented himself to Jaden and offered him a deal. The deal was that Jaden could run free and return to his ship, but if he was caught, Rax would have to kill him. Jaden accepted the challenge and was eventually set free.

Jaden then faced the difficulty of no weapon. All of his equipment, including his lightsaber, had been stripped from him before he was placed in the cell. Upon leaving the prison block, Jaden encountered a squad of Stormtroopers making their rounds. Jaden ambushed them and stole an E-11 blaster rifle to aid him in his covert operation back to his ship. But shortly after leaving the prison block, Jaden was caught by Rax. Rax opened fire with a concussion rifle, forcing Jaden to flee for safety. Weaving his way through buildings, Jaden found himself at the hangar where his Z-95 Headhunter starfighter rested. However, Rax was there too, up in the rafters, above the fighter. Jaden had to take out Rax by leaped through the rafters to take back his lightsaber and leave. Jaden struck down Rax and retrieved his lightsaber. He returned to his ship and flew off, leaving behind the facility.

Becoming a KnightEdit

Following the capture of Rosh Penin by the Imperial Remnant, Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker continued to send the members of the New Jedi Order out to various locations that could be targeted for Dark Side energy by the Disciples of Ragnos and the Remnant. He assigned Kyle Katarn and Jaden Korr investigate the toxic world of Vjun. Once on Vjun, Kyle and Jaden used the Force to protect themselves from the acidic rain of Vjun. When Kyle and Jaden were heading towards the top of Bast Castle they were split up by an explosion. Jaden had to battle more Imperials as well as assassin droids and droids with lightsabers on his own. When Jaden was battling only New Reborn, Jaden knew that he was getting close. Upon entering the next room, he noticed Rosh draining dark energy with the scepter of Ragnos with two Reborn brothers, Vil and Dasariah Kothos, guarding him. Thinking that Rosh was being held prisoner, Jaden urged his fellow Jedi to come with him, however Jaden's plea failed. Rosh, noticeably more somber, revealed to Jaden that he in fact was the newest member of the Disciples of Ragnos. Though he was against fighting his friend, Jaden was forced to engage in a fierce duel with Rosh. Jaden seemed to be the more advanced in Lightsaber combat than Rosh, however, Rosh would be constantly healed with energy transferred to him by the Reborn Twins. Jaden changed tactics and slew the Twins first before disarming Rosh. Jaden stood over his former friend as Kyle entered the room. When Rosh pleaded with Kyle, Tavion intervened by using Force Lightning on the Jedi. Tavion then took Jaden's lightsaber and threw it at the ceiling. Tavion escaped with Rosh in the ensuing chaos. As his Master stopped the ceiling from collapsing, Jaden cut a hole in the floor with Kyle's lightsaber and the two escaped to Yavin 4.

More investigation on the CultEdit

Jaden built a new lightsaber and became even stronger within the Force. He continued to work at thwarting the cult's operations on Chandrila, taking down the gargantuan "Mutated Rancor" on a ship bound for Taanab, escaping from an Imperial Dreadnaught while on a mission to Byss, evading Boba Fett, the most notorious bouny hunter in the galaxy, while destroying weapon caches, rescuing his "former" friend Rosh from the cluches of Alora, while fighting the temptations of the Dark Side, and defeating the leader of the cult, Tavion, and sealing off the tomb forever.


While on Chandrila, Jaden was ordered in to investigate the appearance of the Cult near an ancient Jedi tomb. Jaden had to journey his way along the perilous canyon walls to get to the tomb. However, along the way, Jaden was forced to confront cultists who too lined the canyon walls. Fighting his way to the tomb, Jaden fought off several dark Jedi.

Once Jaden made it to the tomb, he had to fight his way up to the chambers and find a way to seal the tomb before the Cultists drained the force aura from the place. He eventually made it to the tomb itself, where he had to fend off against a double-bladed wielding dark Jedi and kill him. Once he was finished with the Cultist, Jaden immediately searched for a way to close the tomb. Stretching out with force-sense, Jaden discovered two levers that could be used to enclose the tomb. However, in doing so, a violent tremor caused the tomb to implode. This forced Jaden to run for his life out of the tomb and across the slowly crumbly bridge to safety. He returned to his ship and back to the Academy to report what he had learned.


During Jaden’s mission to Tanaab, trying to verify a rumor that the Cultists were seen on the planet, he was investigating a storage warehouse when the Cultists turned on him. One sneaked by and opened one of the storage rooms to reveal a mutated Rancor. Jaden now had to flee from the Rancor and take on the Cultists who were trying to kill him.

As he fled, he investigated numerous rooms and found them to be crawling with Cultists. Jaden finally got the idea to pin the Mutant Rancor behind a storage container on the conveyor belt. However, in doing so, he ended up killing the Mutant Rancor. He returned to the Academy where Kyle and Luke talked together about what happened. Together, they decided that the Cultists were planning on releasing the Rancor on the local village and using the chaos to loot for supplies.


Jaden was sent to Yalara to destroy a cloaking devise that was established by an ancient Jedi Master. Once Jaden landed, he was unexpectedly ambushed by Noghri. As Jaden explored further, he realized that the Disciples of Ragnos forces were present as well, and they too were fighting off the Noghri. Defeating both sides, as well as the Imperial Remnant, Jaden made his way up the complex by riding the air currents of the complex's ventilation fans. Once at the top, Jaden dueled more Reborn and more Noghri and destroyed the cloaking device by means of using a number of powerful explosives. Once Jaden returned to the Academy, he told Luke about his mission. Luke suspected that Darth Vader wanted his fearless bodyguards to eliminate the Yalarans and guard the cloaking device.


Jaden’s mission to Byss was a replacement mission for Rosh, who had disappeared there. Since Rosh had been turned to the Dark Side during his visit, Kyle Katarn felt it better if he supervise Jaden while he searched. Once they arrived at the planet’s remnants, they immediately felt the lack of Force energy, where there once had been a great presence. This gave them an idea of just how powerful Tavion was.

However, as they attempted to leave, an Imperial Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser jumped out of hyperspace and intercepted them before they could leave. They boarded the cruiser and attempted to disable the tractor beam. In doing so, Kyle made his way to set the self destruct where Jaden was ordered to deactivate the tractor beam. While they were still on, the cruiser called for help and Jaden was forced to go and defend the vessel until Kyle could finish setting the self destruct. Once he was finished, they left and allowed the ship to blow up behind them, as the blast took out the few remaining TIE Fighters.

Ord MantellEdit

"No bounty for you. A shame."
Boba Fett to Jaden

The Academy had received word that there were high explosive weapons caches on Ord Mantell, and according to Rebellion notes, there were seven of them hidden. Jaden’s mission was to discover them and blow them up before they fell into the wrong hands. He found the first set right at the landing pad, but as he blew them up, he received a welcome from Boba Fett.

Boba Fett continued to attack Jaden as he sought after the hidden weapons caches. He eventually found the six remaining caches and returned back to his ship, only to have to face off against Boba in one last stand. Jaden managed to subdue Boba, forcing him to flee the scene. When Jaden returned from the mission, Kyle talked to him about when he had to fight Boba.


While at the Academy, before they took off to confront Tavion on Korriban, Jaden and Kyle had received a distress signal from Rosh on Taspir III. Kyle and Jaden traveled to Taspir III in response. When they arrived on the planet, Kyle had Jaden travel around the back way to gain entrance to the power facility inside. In doing so, Jaden had to battle his way through stormtroopers and cultists patrolling the halls and production of the facility. Weaving his way around the canyon side, he eventually made his way into the facility.

Once inside, he was confronted by Alora, Tavion’s apprentice. She had set a trap through detonation charges and blew the entrance to the facility, giving her time to flee. Jaden managed to escape the falling debris, and chased her throughout the entire facility, continuing to fight Imperials and cultists. He finally reached the last location she was seen. It was a loading bay, full of cartons and canisters and Rosh.

Jaden confronted Rosh there on the loading bay. Rosh pleaded with him to spare his life. Alora tempted him with the Dark Side, hoping he would give in and kill Rosh. Kyle intervened with the Force, warning Jaden not to do it. Jaden deactivated his lightsaber. Alora was sickened by this act of redemption and leaped in. Jaden fended her off for as long as he could before she was able to cut off Rosh’s arms. Jaden jumped in to finish her off.

Jaden and Alora battled on the loading bay, as Rosh lay on the ground in pain. Jaden managed to kill Alora and ran back to Rosh’s location. Just as he got to Rosh, Kyle entered the bay and rushed over as well. Together, they helped Rosh out of the loading bay. Kyle ordered Jaden to continue on to Korriban, while he took Rosh back to the academy. Jaden insisted on helping Kyle, but Kyle refused. Jaden was needed on Korriban to stop Tavion from resurrecting Marka Ragnos. Jaden returned to his fighter and traveled to Korriban.

Ending the CultEdit

After defeating Alora, redeeming Rosh, and discovering the existence of the Cult, Jaden traveled to Korriban to try and stop Tavion from resurrecting Marka Ragnos from his tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Once he arrived on Korriban, Jaden was immediately welcomed by some of his fellow students. They informed him that Luke had made his way to the Valley floor. Jaden insisted on meeting him there. He and the small team of Jedi fought their way to through the ruins, fending against Dark Jedi and Sith.

When they finally reached the Valley floor, Jaden and the team fought their way past more Cultists and Imperial forces. They had to weave their way around the valley to gain access to Ragnos’ tomb. Once they arrived at the tomb, Jaden entered it alone. He worked his way to the main burial sanctuary. He entered the burial sanctuary to find Tavion already attempting to resurrect Ragnos. Jaden confronted her, warning her about what would happen. Tavion refused to listen and attacked Jaden. Jaden quickly defeated her, only this time, she was reluctant to go down without a fight, and slammed the scepter into Ragnos’ shrine, which held his body and spirit. This released the spirit, which consumed Tavion. Now, Jaden had to fight a three thousand year old Sith who had already been killed once before.

Jaden confronted the possessed Tavion, who fought with Ragnos’ sword, which was hidden within the scepter. Jaden eventually defeated the possessed Tavion and the spirit returned to the tomb. Jaden returned to the entrance of the tomb and threw his lightsaber to seal off the tomb. He walked down the platform to meet Kyle and Luke. He told them both that it was done, and that Tavion was killed by the power of Ragnos’ spirit. They returned to Yavin IV, where Rosh was finishing replacing his arm with a new cybernetic arm. Kyle and Luke talked with Jaden and Rosh about possible future plans with the Jedi Order, and since then, they have both been faithful to the Republic.

Behind the ScenesEdit

An alternate ending to Jaden’s life occurred after his confrontation with Rosh on Taspir III. Should the player choose to kill Rosh and turn to the Dark Side, Jaden would fly to Korriban and have to fight both Jedi and Cultist. However, when he arrived at Ragnos’ tomb, he confronted Tavion and killed her immediately. Upon taking the scepter of Ragnos, Jaden attempted to leave, but was cut off by Kyle Katarn.

Jaden and Kyle squared off against each other. Jaden used the scepter to escape Kyle’s blade and blasted out a part of the ceiling of the tomb, sending it collapsing in on Kyle. Jaden then blasted out a chunk in the wall of the tomb and clambered out through it, escaping back to his fighter. He then traveled back to the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer where he boarded the vessel. He made his way to the bridge and slaughtered the admiral, taking control of the small fleet. It ended with him and the Star Destroyer jumping into hyperspace.

Jaden Korr, depending on the player’s choice, could also be female. There are three different female species, similar to the male, that the player could choose from to create their Jaden. Throughout the story, the plot does not change any, except that Jaden was a woman instead of a man.

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