Instant Action is a freeform game type available in Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II that focuses on open-ended battles offline. It allows the player to queue a list of any battle scene they choose, and in the second game, change the mode, the amount of reinforcements and AI, whether heroes are allowed or not, and the game type rules.

The only mode in Battlefront was what is called Conquest in Battlefront II. In Battlefront II, Conquest, Space Assault, Capture the Flag, Hunt, XL, and Hero Assault modes were added. Conquest was available on all ground maps and Space Assault for all space maps (though some modded maps on PC and Xbox used Space Assault mode for their ground to space maps). Capture the Flag, Hunt, XL, and Hero Assault were only available on some maps.

Nearly all the levels are playable in Instant Action (except for a couple space battles in the Battlefront II campaign), although certain levels are only playable by two factions (for example, Hoth: Echo Base is only playable by the Rebellion and the Empire, or Geonosis: Dust Plains/Geonosis: Spire is only playable by the CIS or GAR.

Multiplayer mode follows the same format as Instant Action with map and game type selection.

Instant Action is noted as having great replayability due to its open-ended gameplay. On the PC and Xbox versions, modded maps created by users could also be added allowing for even more battles.


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