In the Star Wars: Battlefront Series the Rebel Alliance has some pretty unique weapons that set them apart from other Factions. One is the Incinerator. It is much like the Flamethrower used by a couple of heroes including Jango Fett. This gun blows a stream of fire at the enemy, taking their Health down rapidly. If the enemy does not shoot back quickly, he is done for. It works well in combination with Stealth, making for a guerilla-type operation of sneaking up on your enemy to burn them down. When the enemy is dead there is no body. The down sides to this weapon are that you have to reload after every attack or next time you attack you will have to reload first, and if you are playing muliplayer. It is a weird and fun weapon to use, and very annoying to the enemy if used correctly. In Renegade Squadron the weapon costs 20 credits to buy in the Customization screen.


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