Battlefront II's IFT-X.

IFT-X is a Republic medium tank used during the Clone Wars era. It appears in the Star Wars: Battlefront and its sequel. It appears on the Rhen Var and Tatooine (first game only), Yavin 4, Kashyyk, Mygeeto and Geonosis (XL mode only).

Like all similar vehicles, IFT-X is armed with two anti-infantry laser cannons as its primary attack and two missile launchers as its secondary anti-vehicle weapon. The It also has a beam cannon turret at the top, which has to be controled by the second crewmember. It is identical to the Laser Turret in its power, and because it is open-top, the player can snipe the gunner controlling it.

It possesses moderate speed, but is difficult to maneouvre because of its width. It size also makes it ineffective to run enemies over. Its health is no different from other similar vehicles and the laser cannons form its weak spot (all attacks landing there will deal increased damage). Its CIS counterparts, AAT and Armored Tank Droid, are both somewhat more mobile and are somewhat better at close range, but IFT-X is still a better vehicle overall.

The Assault Droids are obviously the best class to take it down, especially since their mines will instantly destroy it. The Engineer droid can slice into it and if that is too much trouble, the detpacks can also do a lot of damage, although they're hard to place on a moving vehicle. Thermal Detonators and wrist rockets possessed by the other classes are of limited effectiveness.

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