Geonosis: Spire is one of the few levels on Star Wars: Battlefront that has an objective, other than capturing all the command posts or killing all the enemy. The secondary objective is for the player to destroy all three of the Techno Union ships. These three ships are also destructable command posts for the CIS. Here the player can only be either the Clones or the CIS, with the Geonosians aiding the CIS. With the CIS, the players main command post is the spire where the plans for the Death Star are held. With the Clones, the player starts off at the Forward Command Center, also a destructable command post. Vehicles usable in this level are the LAAT/i, Hailfire droid, Spider droid, AT-TE walker, and Geonosian starfighter. In the Clone Wars campaign, this is where the player switches sides and starts fighting for the Republic and Mace Windu aids the Republic in the players conquest.


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