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Battlefront II Campaign mode:

Part 1: Chapter 1:

501st Journal: Geonosis- Attack of the Clones

My first day as a member of the 501st... it was hot, sandy, chaotic. Nothing at all like the simulations on Kamino. Of course that's pretty much the way it was for all of us, wasn't it? All that breeding, all those years of training... it doesn't really prepare you for the all the screaming, all the blood, does it? Frankly I'm amazed we ever made it past the first hour, nevermind the first day.

Incredibly, the 501st survived the crucible of Geonosis, emerging battle-hardened, and ready for whatever the war would throw at us.


1. Follow the yellow Objective Arrow to Checkpoint Alpha.

  • Basically, you just have to head to the yellow circle just south of the sunken ship. At first, the only unit available to you is the Clone Trooper.

2. Droid scouts have been detected in the area. Destroy them with your primary weapons.

3. Destroy the damaged hailfire droid with your thermal detonators.

4. The CIS army is headed this way. Capture the Downed Techno Union Ship to secure a stronger foothold for our troops.

  • Head back to the downed Techno Union ship and easily capture the Command Post there. At this point other clones and droids will begin to spawn. If you look back you can see all the clones pour out of the only command post. Now there are actual, thinking AI opponents allies.

5. Change to the Engineer class at the downed Techno Union ship CP.

  • self-explanatory (not necessarily at the downed ship)

6. Repair the Health and Ammo Recharge Droids.

  • Both droids are due east of the CP, rather close, so this won't take long.

7. Go to the AT-TE and get inside.

  • self-explanatory

8. Use the AT-TE to take out one of the Spider Walkers before they cause some serious damage.

  • Using the AT-TE's secondary attack, this shouldn't take too long. (you personally have to deal finishing attack)

9. Change your unit class to the Jet Trooper at a Command Post.

  • You should probably think about dispensing some health and ammo along the way to make sure you're good to go when you switch class. Also, use the downed ship CP again to change class.

10. Acquire the Sith Holocron. You'll need to use the Jet Trooper's flight ability.

  • If you used the sunken ship CP to change classes, just jetpack to the top of the sunken ship and grab the Sith Holocron, taking it to the yellow circle just south of the sunken ship. The Holocron counts as a flag, so you cannot use your flight abilities after you grab it. It even shows the little icons like you captured the flag.

11. Some droids are holed up in the cliff bunker. Get up there and capture that CP.

  • This is referring to Command Post 3 (at the top of the hill. You may want to change class before going if you don't like using the Jet Trooper. Instead of being inside the building (like normally) this CP is outside, on the cliff facing the battlefield.

12. Change to the sniper class at any command post controlled by your team.

  • You might as well use the CP on top of the hill, since you are there already. Also, this will help with the next objectives.

13. Use your sniper rifle and take out 3 enemy droids.

  • If you are still on top of the hill, just double-zoom to get an east shot at the unintelligent droids down below, who will often stop and give you ample opportunity to shoot them. You must deal the finishing shot, yet it does not have to be a headshot.

14. Change to the Heavy Trooper class at any CP controlled by your team.

  • It is still best to use the CP on top of the hill.

15. Destroy a Spider Walker with the Rocket Launcher.

  • If you stayed up top, it will be easy to take out a Spider Walker, since they move very slow, and you have an unobstructed shot at them. Once again, you must deal the finishing shot.

16. Use your lightsaber to take out 10 enemy droids.

  • This is obviously the time to change to Mace Windu and charge down the hill, taking out tons of droids. Watch out for the sonic turrets, though. They can kill you if you don't find the droids quickly.

17. We have to push the droid forces back. Capture the CIS Bunker to the north.

  • If you still have Mace Windu, this will be a piece of cake. Just run to CP 4 and destroy the droids quickly while the CP is taken over. The mission will be done in no time. Watch out for droids sneaking up behind you as you deal with one side.


All in all, this is a very fun level to introduce you to the aspects of the game. While it is very easy if you are at all familiar with Battlefront II, it will still entertain you by letting you easily take out the droid forces.



No boss

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