&nbsp Geonosians are an insectoid species that lives on the planet Geonosis.

Like insects, Geonosians had a hard exoskeleton that provided protection from physical impacts and bouts of radiation that occasionally showered their world, elongated faces, multi-jointed limbs, and spoke in a strange clicking language. Geonosians were strong despite their thin builds, and were capable of constructing massive hives and factories in concert.

LEGO Star WarsEdit


A Geonosian warrior flying, as seen in LEGO Star Wars

In LEGO Star Wars, Geonosians are playable characters and are equipped with a Sonic Blaster and a Laser Blaster. To toggle through your blasters, you must toggle past the Geonosian two times, and on the third time, you will have a different blaster.

Star Wars:Battlefront seriesEdit

"We've got bugs!" - unflattering description of the Geonosians by the Clones. In both the original Battlefront and its sequel, the Geonosians are encountered on their home planet, in Conquest, XL, CTF and Hunt modes.

In the Hunt mode, the player can play for the Geonosians or the Clone Marksmen sent to eliminate them. In the former case, the gameplay is very different from the usual classes. The sonic blaster has infinite ammo and no overheat, but needs to be reloaded after 7 shots. It fires sound waves in fast, long-range, accurate lines with very small AoE and a second-long pause between the shots. Each shot takes about half of the Scout Trooper's health off, with the possibility of headshots. Since the view is third-person, you don't look through the scope: instead the camera zooms in to be directly behind the alien's back, drastically increasing the accuracy of your shooting.

The most significant difference is the ability to fly: it is activated in the similar matter to jetpacks, but lasts for as long as ten seconds and is far more stable, allowing the player to accurately fire their Sonic Blaster while in the air. It also recharges much quicker, as indicated on the separate recharge bar on the right side

In all other modes, the Geonosians are allied with the CIS against the Republic. They will be spawned until the end of the battle, and so Clone players shouldn't waste their time on shooting them. They're also capable of manning the turrets and vehicles; if the CIS numbers drop below ~10, the vehicles will be piloted by the Geonosians instead of droids. Their Sonic Blaster is once again quite powerful, but they will miss very often to compensate, as well as being quite sparse.

Star Wars: Empire at WarEdit

In this game, the Geonosians are spawned from the 4 Geonosian Hives on the map in squads of 5. They're quite weak, and the infantry from both sides can wipe them out without sustaining a loss. However, as soon as the current load is destroyed, a new group will come out of the hive and the only way to stop them from appearing iin the area is to destroy the hive. Despite their large size, the hives have low health and vehicles will quickly reduce them to ruins.

It should be noted that since they're flying, they cannot be run over with TIE Maulers or any other vehicle. This ability also makes them useful targets for Force Corrupt: while they will lose to any proper enemy, they will be able to fly over the mountains and capture structures and landing zones with ease.

Star Wars: Republic CommandoEdit

In this game, the player's Delta Squad will have to fight Geonosians first on Kashyyk and then on Geonosis. There are two varieties: the warrior class and the elite class. The former has low health and can only attack in melee with a vibropike, and thus doesn't mean much of a threat. The elites, however, are heavily armoured, and their weapon turns their own blood into a jet of

Geonosian Warriors

boiling fluid that does heavy damage to the player.

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