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Galactic Conquest is a mode of play in the games Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II.

Battlefront seriesEdit


In Battlefront I, the Galactic Conquest option allows players to conquer the galaxy planet by planet. Players start with one planet and their "base" (Kamino: Tipoca City for the Grand Army of the Republic, Endor: Bunker for the Galactic Empire, Geonosis: Spire for the CIS, and Hoth: Echo Base for the Rebellion) and one other planet, depeding on their chosen Faction.

Players choose a planet to attack from the list. If they win, they choose another planet to attack, or attack the same planet again. If they lose, the opposing faction attacks them. This continues until one of the Factions have completely conquered the galaxy.

The last level, after all of the other planets have been conquered, is always the enemy capital.

Each planet provides a planetary bonus, one of which is chosen at the beginning of each battle.

Battlefront IIEdit

In Battlefront II, the Galactic Conquest option is the same basic idea the Battlefront I option, but the style of play is completely different. First, instead of clicking on a planet to attack, the players control fleets. Each faction starts with one fleet above a random planet, and the movement and attacks are governed by turns.

Each faction starts out with one fleet, the normal soldier class, and 1,000 credits. More fleets and soldier classes may be purchased later on.

If two fleets meet above any planet or on any hyperspace route, they have a space battle. If a fleet blockades an enemy planet, there is a ground battle. Each planet provides a certain number of credits per turn to the faction that controls it. Credits can be used to buy bonuses, troops, and fleets. The bonuses are similar to the Battlefront I bonuses except they are limited to one use each.

Renegade SquadronEdit

Galactic Conquest returns in Renegade Squadron

Empire at WarEdit


The start screen for galactic conquest in Forces of Corruption.

In Star Wars: Empire at War and the expansion Forces of Corruption galactic conquest is where you take control of one planet at a time for total domination or you try to take over specific base planets. The conditions and amount of planets involved can be set from the selection screen.

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