The Galactic Civil War was one of the major conflicts to occur in the Star Wars galaxy's history. It was a rebellion by the Rebel Alliance/New Republic against the Galactic Empire (and the various groups that it splintered into after the Battle of Endor).

Although there was resistance against the Empire almost from its formation, the Galactic Civil War is generally considered to have begun with the formation of the Rebel Alliance in 1 BBY. The war didn't formally end until a treaty was signed between the Empire and the New Republic in 19 ABY; but most games of the war end with the Battle of Endor, as the Emperor's death there led directly to the splintering of the Empire into numerous factions, which spent much of the rest of the war fighting each other rather than the Republic.

Major battles and campaigns seen in the gamesEdit

Games depicting the warEdit

Games depicting battles or campaigns of the warEdit

Other games set during the warEdit

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