G0-T0, also known as "Goto", was a G0-T0 infrastructure planning system operational in c. 3,955 – 3,951 BBY. He later became head of the Exchange criminal organization on Nar Shaddaa and traveled with the Jedi Exile.

As you progress throughout the storyline in KotOR2, the Jedi Exile learns that G0-T0 was actually the first (and rather expensive) droid acquired by the Ithorians on Telos to help with the restoration of the planet after the Jedi Civil War. When the droid was told to find a solution to save the planet, it found none. It's prgramming was corrupted, and it "ran away" and using any means it could to help restore balance to the galaxy. It is also revealed that the human Goto really does not exist, but only the robot G0-T0. It uses a hologram of a human to ensure power because "it is difficult to take a droid seriously, much less an infastructure droid built by the Republic."

KotOR G0-T0

The droid G0-T0

KotOR Goto hologram

The hologram of Goto used by the droid

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