Average height

1 meter

Skin color


Hair color

Shades of white, brown, black


Furry, Short



Famous members

Wicket W. Warrick

Ewoks were short, furry sentients that lived on The Forest Moon of Endor. Their planet was taken by the Empire when the second Death Star was built.

Star Wars: Battlefront IIEdit

In this game, Ewoks appear on the Endor map in all three modes available. They're allied to Rebels and hostile to Empire, attacking the latter troops on sight. By themselves, they're extremely weak, dying from a couple of pistol shots and doing extremely small (and inaccurate) damage with their rocks. In the Conquest mode, however, they can capture the control points, thus making it very difficult for the Empire to make any progress, as well as distracting your allies from the Rebel troops. This combined with other factors, makes Endor the most challenging map for the Imperial players.

In the Hunt mode, player can either fight as the Scout Troopers attempting to exterminate Ewoks, or as Ewoks themselves. It is very easy for the Scouts, able to easily kill slowly-moving Ewoks with their rifles, even without the scope. It's not too hard for the Ewoks, though, due to the inexplicable tendency of AI-controlled troopers to switch to pistols against them, then miss with 4/5 of all shots.

When playing as Ewoks, two varieties are available: a light-brown and pale yellow Ewok and ochre-red one. Either variety is armed with 30 tribal spears (i.e. sticks) and 50 stones. Just like in the movie, both are unrealistically powerful for plot/gameplay's sake: spears are always instant-kill, while stones, thrown like the Thermal Detonators, would knock the hapless trooper down and take >50% of their health away. However, both are hard to replenish and the Ewoks are MUCH slower then regular soldiers, thus balancing it out.

Star Wars: Empire at WarEdit

In this game, groups of 4 Ewok Hunters appear on the Endor map, where they're spawned from the five Ewok Tree Houses. It should be noted that unlike the movie, they are hostile to both Empire and Rebellion.

Once again, they're extremely weak, with one fighter squad dying against Stormtroopers without inflicting any casualties in return. As soon, as they're dead, however, a new group will instantly spawn from the Tree House, and the only way to win against them is to permanently destroy it. It possesses considerable health for a neutral structure, but vehicle squads will still destroy it with ease. The game even has animated pieces of wood falling off as these pests' shelter crumbles under sustained fire.

In the expansion Forces of Corruption, Ewoks played a large part in the destruction of the second Death Star. They were enslaved by the Zann Consortium and used by Ewok Handlers as explosives.

Other AppearancesEdit

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