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Ebon Hawk Flyby
Ebon Hawk
Production information

Light freighter


Core Galaxy Systems

Technical specifications
Modified systems
  • Navigation computer upgraded from baselines prior to 3,956 BBY. Locked-out circa 3,951 BBY
  • Upgraded hyperdrive
  • Upgraded sub-light engines
  • Reinforced Hull
  • Military-grade deflector shields
  • Improved armanment
  • 2 smuggling compartments

24 meters


22.5 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1,100 km/h

Hyperdrive rating

Class 1

Navigation system
  • Navigation Computer equipped
  • Can interface with utility droids or astromech droids if navigation computer is locked or damaged.
  • Dual turbolaser turret
  • 2 dual heavy quad laser cannons
  • 1 Concealed anti-personnel repeating blaster
  • 1 Proton Torpedo launcher
  • 1 Pilot
  • 1 co-pilot
  • 1 gunner


Cargo capacity

40 tons


2 months



Latest sighting

3,951 BBY

Present for battles/events
Known owner(s)
Known crewmembers





Passengers of note:

Known commander(s)

The Ebon Hawk was the flagship of Davik Kang's fleet of starships, and as such was the fastest ship in the fleet. The Ebon Hawk also held the title as the fastest ship in the Outer Rim.

The ship was lightly armed and armored, allowing it to run light blockades, such as the ones it ran into while in the service of Revan. It served as his ship after the death of its owner Davik at Revan's hand.

The former Dark Lord used the ship to travel the galaxy while searching for the Star Forge.


The Ebon Hawk was first seen in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, in Davik Kang's base on Taris. Shortly before the destruction of the planet, Darth Revan escaped in the vessel along with Carth Onasi, Bastila Shan, Mission Vao, Zaalbar and Canderous Ordo. After escaping, the Ebon Hawk flew to Dantooine, where Revan received Jedi Training. The ship then flew to Tatooine, Kasyyyk, Manaan, Korriban and Yavin IV looking for the scattered Star Maps. After Malak was defeated on the Star Forge, little is known of what happened to the ship in between Knights of the Old Republic and The Sith Lords.


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