Dismantle Device - Yalara is a level in the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. In it, Jaden Korr is called in to dismantle a cloaking device insalted on Yalara by the Jedi Master Broden Kel Verdox a long time before hind. Once on the planet, Jaden discovers that the cloaking device is being guarded by the Noghri, beings used by Darth Vader as guards or assassins. Jaden makes his/her way up to an upper level, where he also discovers Imperials and knows the device has to be destroyed. Jaden races to the top, after fighting off Disciples of Ragnos to destroy the device. Jaden places four bombs and leaps off the top back down to his ship. Jaden returns to the Jedi Academy where he/she learns that Vader had placed the Noghri there, after killing the local Yalaran guards, to guard the device from anyone.


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