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12 ABY, Yavin 4

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c. 1.9 meters

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Known masters

Luke Skywalker

Known apprentices

Tavion Axmis

"Well, you look like an overgrown Kowakian monkey-lizard, so I guess looks don't count for much."
Kyle Katarn to Desann

Desann was a male Chistori Dark Jedi and former student at Luke Skywalkers Jedi Academy at Yavin IV. He was also the primary antagonist in the video game, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

Fall to the Dark SideEdit

Desann came from a world where the Force was unknown, and therefore was shunned away from civilization because of his abilities. Desann therefore lived a life of despair. Desann was eventually discovered by a trader and was then brought to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on the fourth moon of Yavin. While training there, he was accused of bullying other students. One student, Havet Storm, tried to stand up against Desann, saying that Desann was to weak to be a Jedi. This angered the Chistori and caused the two too engage in a lightsaber duel. Desann became the victor thus killing Storm, completing his own fall to the Dark Side of the Force. Desann then fled the Massassi Temple training grounds.

Empire RebornEdit

After joining the Dark Side, he allied himself with Imperial Admiral Galak Fyyar. Desann also took Tavion Axmis  as an apprentce to train her in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force. Desann planned to make an army of force sensitive beings and lightsaber wielders to mount an attack on the Jedi Academy at Yavin 4. He planned to do this using power from the Valley of the Jedi on Ruusann. These new cloaked force users were called the Reborn, and their were several different ranks among them including Reborn Acrobat, Reborn Forceuser, Reborn Fencer, and Reborn Boss, the highest rank of them all. Desann also ordered the construction of new Stormtrooper armour for a new breed of stormtroopers known as Shadowtroopers, stormtroopers influenced with the power of the Force straight from the Valley of the Jedi.

Eventually, his plots were found out by the New Republic, and they sent Kyle Katarn to investigate. When Kyle found Desann, he tried to fight him, but Kyle has let his force powers dwindle, and gave Yun's lightsaber to Luke Skywalker. Desann easily defeated Kyle, but let him live. Desann and his apprentince Tavion however took Kyle's partner Jan Ors hostage, and then supposedly killed her. After that Kyle gave chase to Ruusann.

Valley of the JediEdit

Upon reaching the Valley of the Jedi, Desann took his minions, and basked them in one of the Valleys power areas, where soon they became devoted members to the Force. Desann then personally trained them how to use their new powers, some more than others. Desann was now able to Attack the Jedi Academy, but was then confronted by his former master Luke Skywalker on Cairn, but was able to defeat him in a quick duel. Desann then proceeded to Yavin 4 to carry on with his attack, unaware that back on Bespin his apprentince failed in killing Katarn. At Yavin 4, Desanns fleet was attacked by Rogue Squadron. Desann was able to get past the attack, and landed his ground troops. Deep within the Temple he was once again confronted by Kyle. Desann tried to convert Kyle back to the Dark Side, and in return for that offer, Kyle offered a chance for Desann to rejoin the Jedi. Desann angered by this, attacked Kyle and engaged in a duel, which lead to Desann's death.

Behind the scenesEdit

Desann was voiced by Mark Klastorin.

There are several ways to kill Desann in Jedi Outcast's finale. One is to defeat him in dueling (a combination of Force speed and Fast style works well, as does Strong style while Force pushing him onto the ground, but he may deflect the push, while saying, "You dare to push me!?".). The second is to provoke him into lunging at you by throwing Force lightning at him while standing right next to a pillar. Then, while he jumps towards you, saber throw at a pillar once and jump away. Once you are out of the area where debris begins to fall, Desann will try to follow you but get crushed by the falling debris. This will require precise timing. Third, you can hit him with a Portable Missile System, but he might push it away. The fourth way to kill him is with the Flechette Launcher. He may be able to deflect some of the flechettes, but invariably some will hurt him; repeat as necessary to defeat him, without drawing your blade. You can try keeping your distance most of the time, and attack Desann using Force Speed when he throws his saber at you, leaving himself defenseless. Another method of victory, though one that requires using a cheat code to gain maxed out Force stats, is to mind control Desann into standing in front of a pillar and using saber throw to bring it down on top of himself. This can be done from the player's starting position in the battle room and doesn't require ever crossing blades with Desann.

In the final battle of Jedi Outcast, the player can manually activate the Force nexus in the temple underground. A beam charges up from time to time in the nexus. If the player steps into the beam, Katarn becomes invulnerable for a short period of time, gaining the upper hand against Desann. However, if Desann, controlled by the computer AI, steps into the beam, he also gains invulnerability for a short while.

In Jedi Outcast, when Desann dueled with Luke Skywalker in Cairn Installation, their fighting moves before landing on the main floor are randomized, thus the player could watch a unique fighting scene for each loading. This sometimes results in one duelist being struck down prematurely, even though the cutscene continues as usual.

In Jedi Outcast, Jan Ors revealed that hours after her capture, Desann changed the interrogation topic from the location of the Valley to the layout of the Jedi Academy. However, as a former student of the Academy, Desann should know the layout far better than a New Republic intelligence operative. Desann may have wanted to make sure of some things, to see if anything is different, or he could have forgotten things/parts of the Academy.

In the sequel to Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy, players can choose to play as Desann in the game's multiplayer mode. In the PC version of both games, players can also spawn him (and afterwards fight him) in the game's single player mode using the cheat: npc spawn desann.

It should be noted, that in Jedi Academy, Desann doesn't talk at all, because his voice files don't exist in Jedi Academy's files. He is also shorter in Jedi Academy. In the multiplayer mode, he takes the voice of a cultist.

During the first (and impossible to win) fight with Desann in Jedi Outcast, he uses the Force noticeably faster than he does later, often simultaneously. His Force powers are also stronger, most noticeably Push, Pull, and Grip. His Force Push and Pull are capable of throwing the player outside the level with the right positioning. He is also immune to Force lightning and cannot be Force Gripped, he pushes the player away every time. At this point in the game Desann has infinite health; it is impossible to kill him, no matter how skilled the player is, in order to prevent the story from ending early.


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