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Delta Squad
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Rise of the Empire era

"I feel genuinely sorry for any hostile who has the misfortune to face Delta Squad in combat."
Walon Vau[src]

Delta Squad was an elite clone commando squad that carried out demanding missions for the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The unit played instrumental roles in the Battle of Geonosis, as well as in the lead up to the Battle of Kashyyyk. Consisting of four commandos, Delta Squad got their orders from CT-01/425, a clone advisor.


Delta Squad was trained by ruthless and efficient Sergeant Walon Vau. Vau, a Mandalorian, believed that in order for his commandos to survive in combat, he must train them as harshly as possible—to do anything less would compromise their training. When Vau felt that a commando was too soft, he gave that trainee a choice: he must fight either one of his clone brothers or Vau himself. Only one commando ever chose Vau. Seen as brutal by many, his training practices made Delta Squad an aggressive, but supremely efficient, unit. The Mandalorian sergeant took great pride in his squads’ consistently superb performance, both in live-fire exercises on Kamino and later during their deployment in the Clone Wars.

Delta Squad
Delta Squad disembark

Delta Squad disembarks from an LAAT.

In Game MissionsEdit

Battle of GeonosisEdit

Beginning with Clone Wars Zero Hour on Geonosis, the Deltas were inserted individually across the battlefield, but swiftly regrouped to locate and execute their first objective: the assassination of the Geonosian Sun Fac. Afterward, they were re-tasked to complete the objectives of another commando squad that had failed, involving the destruction of a battle droid factory. Toward the end of the Battle of Geonosis, Delta Squad breached and disabled a Separatist core ship in order to steal Separatist launch codes, thus halting the evacuation of many CIS ships.

Mission to the ProsecutorEdit

367 days into the Clone Wars, Delta Squad found themselves investigating an Acclamator-class assault ship Prosecutor which had disappeared earlier and now mysteriously reappeared on the border of Republic space. They were inserted individually so that they could cover more ground. They were quickly set upon by scavenger droids and Trandoshans. Scorch and Sev were captured but were soon rescued by Boss and Fixer. Once together, they destroyed the Trandoshan assault force that had taken over the ship and protected the Prosecutor from a full-scale Separatist boarding operation, uncovering that the Trandoshans were conspiring to sell the ship to the Separatists to buy battle droids.

Mission to KashyyykEdit

Months later, the Deltas found themselves on Kashyyyk for intelligence reasons. They destroyed a Trandoshan supply camp the Separatists were using to get an edge on the Wookiees. Once inside the slaving operation, they were able to free the Wookiee leader Tarfful from General Grievous, who was on the planet. Later, a Separatist Recusant-class light destroyer landed in Kachirho. It would take Delta Squad manning four Wookiee rocket launcher turrets to take it down. Delta used the combined power of the turrets to destroy the cruiser, then rendezvoused at Boss's position – but on the way, Sev was ambushed by Separatist forces. Torn between following orders and rescuing their brother, the rest of Delta Squad reluctantly left the area knowing that duty came before brotherhood. They were visibly wracked with guilt after boarding their gunship without Sev, but Boss quickly pulled the remaining Deltas back together for their next mission.

The Deltas' reconnaissance and intel were a primary factor in allowing Republic forces to come to the aid of the Wookiees in the Battle of Kashyyyk. What Delta Squad did not know was that their sole purpose of going to Kashyyyk was to pave a way for an invasion. However, it was not until they were leaving Kashyyyk after accomplishing their mission there (and after leaving Sev) that CT-01/425 told Delta Squad of their true purpose on Kashyyyk, for CT-01/425 had strict orders not to tell them.


Behind the scenesEdit



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