Cult Investigation - Dosuun is a level in the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. In it, Jaden Korr is sent to investigate if any Disciples of Ragnos have been seen on the planet, since there were no Republic ships out in the area. Once on the planet, Jaden is captured by a small time hunter named Rax. Rax, though, makes a deal with Jaden. He allows Jaden to go free if and only if Jaden can reach his/her ship. If Rax catches Jaden, then Rax gets to kill him/her. But if Jaden succeeds, Jaden is free to leave. Rax then leaves Jaden, and Jaden escapes, without any weapons. Jaden jumps a couple of Stormtroopers, establishing that the Imperial Remnant is in affiliation with Rax, and acquires an E-11 blaster rifle. After searching through the compound, Jaden has to use a turret to blast through a wall to gain access to the hanger, but encounters an AT-ST. Jaden quickly takes care of it and makes his/her way up to the upper levels, still trying to gain access to the hanger. Once Jaden makes it to the upper levels, he is confronted by Rax, who weilds a Stouker concussion rifle. After Jaden waits a little while, Rax retreats back to the hanger, and Jaden continues. Once Jaden is in the hanger, however, Rax attacks Jaden once more, only to be defeated by the young Jedi, who kills him even without his lightsaber. Jaden returns to his/her ship and makes way back to the Jedi Academy to report his findings.


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