Corruption is the primary goal of the Zann Consortium. Corruption is achieved through use of a Defiler or conquering a planet. Corruption can be removed only by very special Rebellion and Imperial heroes for a price, or by either army simply conquering a Consortium controlled planet. The default corruption for an uncorrupted planet that is conquered is racketeering.

Types of CorruptionEdit

Corruption Types are Intimidation, Piracy, Kidnapping, Racketeering, Bribery, Corrupt Militia, Black market, and Slavery operations.

Here is a brief overview of corruption types:


Intimidation requires a land tactical battle and a Consortium Hero. A successful corruption results in the permanent loss of that planet's special ability.


Piracy requires a space tactical battle and a Consortium Hero. A successful battle results in a daily credit bonus and usually an enemy ship, such as an Aclamator or a Marauder Missile Cruiser.


Kidnapping requires a land tactical battle and a Consortium Hero. A successfl battle results in a large credit bonus.


Racketerring requires only the Defiler to corrupt and several mercenary assault squads. A Racketeering operation results in additional daily income.


Bribery only requires the Defiler and enough credits to commit. The result is no enemy garrisonned units from a station, enemy ships, or ground facilities are spawned.

Corrupt MilitiaEdit

Corrupt Militia only requires the Defilier and credits. This operation allows indigenous populations fight for the Consortium. Also, if the enemy removes Corruption, the enemy is removed from the planet and all enemy facilites are destroyed.

Black MarketEdit

Black Market operations require a Defiler and Credits, but also a Consortium Hero to purchase technology. This stolen technology greatly expands the firepower of Consortium units that apply.


This option only requires a Defiler and credits to open. Enslaved units are produced by the Consortium on any planet with a Consortium Palace.


Corruption gives not just the above mentioned bonuses. All Corruption options allow Defilers to sabotage space satellites and ground structures, destroying them for a price, and the Defiler's consumption. In addition, Corruption shows the enemy's ground and space units, as well as their space stations, satellites, structures and tactical land layout. Corrupted planets show more of the Galactic Map, allowing for expansion of Consortium space. Finally, if the Consortium is trying to travel from one planet to another, and needs to get past an enemy Corrupted planet to do it, instead of fighting their way through, they can bribe their way to their destination. The price will rack up depending on the units in your fleet, the size of your fleet, and how many Corrupted planets you're trying to bribe past.


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