Consortium Heroes were the leaders of the Zann Consortium. These Heroes were powerful units in battle, and were capable of defeating large numbers of enemy units. All Consortium heroes had Galactic Stealth, which allowed them to move unnoticed throughout the Galaxy and even spy on other planets controlled by enemies.


Tyber ZannEdit

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Tyber Zann is the criminal mastermind of the Consortium. He is not only capable of purchasing black market upgrades for his troops, but is also a capable fighter on the ground or in space aboard his personal Aggressor-class destroyer, the Merciless.

Urai FenEdit

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Urai Fen is Tyber Zann's lieutenant. He is a dangerous warrior in battle and is capable of purchasing upgrades. He also has the rare ability of regeneration, as do all Talortai's.


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Silri is a Force 'Witch' from the planet Dathomir. She is able to purchase black market upgrades like Urai Fenn and Tyber Zann as well as fighting in battle with her pet Rancor, Cuddles.


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IG-88 is an escaped assassin droid. He fights in space aboard his personal fighter, the IG-2000. IG-88 is also a dangerous foe on the ground, using radiation launchers and infectious ammunition to kill infantry with ease. He also has the special ability of being able to hack and destroy the second Death Star.


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Bossk is a Trandoshan bounty hunter. In space he flies his personal fighter, the Hound's Tooth. On the battlefield he uses a heavy blaster carbine and a Flamethrower to defeat his numerous opponents. He has the ability to eliminate enemy heroes for a price like IG-88 and other bounty hunters.

Consortium Raiding PartiesEdit

Similar to the Rebels, the Consortium can set up Raiding Parties. They are not acknowledged as such, but are in effect the same thing. Consortium raiding parties have advantages that the Rebels do not, such as being able to use Bombardment attacks if Tyber Zann is in the party. Also, since all Consortium heroes are considered Stealth Units, a Raiding Party can feature multiple heroes. The Defilers are also Stealth units, meaning that Consortium Raiding Parties can be as large as wished, though they lack effectiveness against larger enemy vehicles such as T-4B and AT-AT platforms and can only include stealth units.


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