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This article is about the elite soldiers of the Grand Army of the Republic. You may be looking for the video game of a similar name or the Star Wars: Galaxies profession, Commando.
Clone Commandos2

A team of clone commandos.

Clone Commandos, also known as Republic Commandos, were and elite division of the GAR and were sent on special ops missions. They had an extremely high success rate, and after Geonosis, few died in their succeeding missions. Commandos usually worked in groups of three or four, called squads. Each commando trained with his squadmates for his entire training period and they often grew very close to each other. Commando squads made from Commandos who had lost teammates often had trouble getting along due to feelings for their dead commrades.

Commandos wore Katarn armor, originally grey-colored, but many commandos, such as the commandos of Delta Squad chose to modify their color scheme. They were usually armed with DC-17ms which were interchangable to fit each commando's preffered role, for example the sniper attatchment and the demolitions attatchment.

Clone commandos were created with more capabilty of free thinking than the average clone troopers.


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