A Clone Commander in Battlefront II.

Clone Commander is a Republic army officer, designed to lead and support the regular clones in combat. They appear in Star Wars: Battlefront series.

In the Star Wars: Battlefront II and Renegade Squadron, Commander possesses a bit more health then the regular clone trooper but also moves somewhat slower. His primary weapon is a very powerful shoulder-mounted chaingun. It has infinite ammo and can fire for a very long time without overheating. However, it has two spend a couple of seconds charging up first, so make sure to activate it couple of seconds before you intend to fire. Their secondary weapon is a commando pistol, which has infinite ammo and similar damage to regular pistol, but can fire for a lot longer without overheating. If you manage to get Legendary Precision Pistol, you probably won’t need to use the chaingun much.

Their secondary equipment is a one-off Rally buff, which boosts the defence of all allies in a 5m area and to deploy a single Recon Droid. For the latter, you need to manually control the light, small droid as it slowly floats in the mid-air, armed with a moderately damaging blaster and ability to self-destruct after several-second wait, doing considerable damage to everyone in a 2-meter radius. This ability is essentially useless for the Commander, as he never runs out of ammo and either one of his weapons is more damaging then the droid, which gets shot up really easily and is rarely able to actually self-destruct without getting shot to pieces beforehand.

When controlled by the AI, they’re the most dangerous Clone units. Their chaingun can quickly obliterate several enemies at once, often not even giving you the time to retreat to cover. They will also use their Rally whenever there are 3 or more allies around them. Their Recon droid is also very annoying, being difficult to hit and able to kill you quite quickly. However, they will often deploy them when the droids are too close, allowing them to easily shoot the immobile Commander.

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