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Citadel Station
General information

Telos IV

Physical specifications

Old Republic era.


Citadel Station was a space station orbiting the planet Telos IV. Stationed aboard Citadel Station were the two main parties involved in the Telos Restoration Project, Czerka Corporation and the Ithorians of Chodo Habat's herd. The Telos Security Force was the station's main security force however they struggled to control the entire station. The Exchange also took up residence aboard the station at one point.

The Jedi Exile, along with Kreia and Atton Rand, visited the station after the destruction of Peragus as the ship they used only had the coordinates to reach Telos. When they arrived they were arrested by the Telos Security Force as part of an investigation into the destruction of Peragus. After an assassination attempt by an impersonator of Batu Rem, they were relased. The Jedi Exile later helped the security force with several investigations.


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