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Capture Crime Lord - Coruscant is a level in the game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. In it, Jaden Korr is called in to capture and bring in the Crime Lord Lannik Racto to interregate him about the location of the Assassin Droids he's been manufacturing. When Jaden arrives, Racto hinders Jaden by blowing up the bridge between the landing platform and Racto's office. Jaden then has to make his/her way around fighting off mercenaries and two Dark Jedi, experiencing a couple of the Assassin Droids Racto was distributing. Once at Racto's office, Racto closes himself in a large safe room, and summons four more Assassin Droids to take care of Jaden, but Jaden handles them easily. Jaden then hides away until Racto opens his safe room, where Jaden surprises him with a lightsaber. Jaden takes Racto in, where the Jedi discover that Racto had a manufacturing plant on Nar Shaddaa that the Republic raids and shuts down.


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