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A capital ship is any type of large spacecraft used during a war that was 100 meters long or more, though they vary quite a bit in length, they can be as small as 100 meters in length such as the MC30c Frigate to almost 20 kilometers long such as the Super Star Destroyer. They varied from the smaller and more nimble corvettes such as the Corellian Corvette to the massive titanic Super Star Destroyers. It usually had at least one hangar. Most capital ships were armed with heavy turbolasers and ion cannons, though there were some that came with various other weaponry such as: Proton torpedo lauchers (MC30c Frigate, Venator-class Star Destroyer), Plasma cannons (Aggressor-class Destroyer), Tractor Beams (Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, Super Star Destroyer) shield leeching weapons (Kedalbe-class Battleship), and Mass Driver Cannons (Kedalbe-class Battleship).

Notable Capital ShipsEdit



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