The Buick Electra (Also known as Rudy's Car) was an easter egg in the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series.

Codes Edit

In Rogue Squadron, the code is "KOELSCH". It replaces the V-Wing model. In Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, the code is "!ZUVIEL!, !BENZIN!". In Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, the code is "AXCBPRHK, WHATTHE?". In Battle for Naboo, the code is yet to be found.


The Buick Electra replaces the V-Wing for the first game and plays and handles exactly like the speeder and shares the same cockpit. The only difference is the humming noise it emits which is changed to a car engine rather than afterburners. It is equipped with twin laser cannons whose firing mode can be change to a rapid fire state, allowing it to quickly rend TIEs asunder, although it needs to recharge after a bit. Its secondary weapon consists of cluster missiles. It also possesses turbo boosters to gain an incredible increase in speed. However, one must caution when piloting this craft: if you pause the game, the camera perspective will zoom into and through the craft and if you wait a few seconds without exiting the pause menu or exiting the mission, the game WILL crash.

Returning for the second game, it plays exactly like before albeit,, still possessing twin laser cannons although due to gameplay changes, there is no alternate firing mode, although it is still armed with cluster missiles. Unlike the previous game, the Electra is treated as its own unique ship rather than replacing a ship as it has its own place in the hangar It also has a unique, humorous animation where it veers off into the hangar and plummets into space, struggling to get back up into flight seconds later. Unlike before, it has its own unique cockpit with a dashboard and fully function steering wheel with a decorative monkey figurine with a bobble-like head on the right.


  • The car apparently belonged to a man named Rudy. Said person was named after Rudolf Stember, an employee at Factor 5 who owns a Buick.


Sources Edit

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