Blaster pistol
Production information

BlasTech Industries, Czerka Corporation, other major corporations


Blaster pistol

Feats Required

Weapons Proficiency: Blaster pistol

Technical specifications

Energy 1-6


23 m

Critical Threat

20-20, x2

The Blaster pistol was a common secondary weapon of most military infantry units and various gangsters, bounty hunters, and other villany in the galaxy. It would release a short ranged bolt. They were normally not very powerful.

Knights of the Old RepublicEdit

In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the blaster pistol is a weak sidearm used by common soldiers and mercenaries. It is the weakest ranged weapon in the game, although there are many versions of the blaster pistol that upgrade the average power cell.

The most common upgrade of the blaster pistol is the Heavy Blaster.


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