The Battle of Naboo was a battle before the Clone Wars on the grassy plains of Naboo and in the palace in Theed.

Star Wars Episode I - Jedi Power BattlesEdit

Streets of TheedEdit

At the beginning of the Battle of Naboo, as the Jedi sneak into Theed, a STAP spots the Jedi and opens fire on them. The pilot is destroyed but the STAP(s) crash. The Jedi mount the STAP and use them to ride through Theed to reach the Palace cliffs on the far side.

Plains Edit

There was a very large battle on the plains of Naboo between the Gungan Army and the CIS. Just as the Gungans were beginning to lose, Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Trade Federation blockade in space, deactivating all of the battle droids. The battle on the plains featured droid tanks for the CIS and powerful energy ball catapults for the Gungans.

Palace CliffsEdit

Once the Jedi dismounted their STAPs, they found that six pilots needed to pilot the Starfighters in the Palace Hangar were being held hostage by several droids. The Jedi made their way across the cliffs and rescued the pilots before arriving in the hangar.

Final BattleEdit

The Jedi finally arrive in the hanger, only to meet with Darth Maul. After a long battle spanning the entire Theed Palace Generator Complex, the Jedi cornered and defeated Maul. However, Qui-Gon was killed and Maul could have easily killed Obi-Wan, but chose to taunt him first instead, giving Obi-Wan time to jump back up to the catwalk, use the Force to grab Qui-Gon's lightsaber and slice Darth Maul in half.

LEGO Star WarsEdit

Chapter V: Darth MaulEdit


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