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The Battle of Endor was considered the most important battle of the Galactic Civil War. Han Solo and his strike team destroyed the shield bunker, which deactivated the shield to the death star. This allowed Lando Calrissian and the Rebel fleet to destroy the second death star. Onboard the death star, Luke Skywalker duels with Darth Vader. The Emperor then tried to kill Luke with Force Lightning. Darth Vader couldn't stand the sight of his son dying and the good within him was reawakened, he then threw the Emperor down a giant hole, leading into space. In space the Rebel fleet went up against a good majority of the Imperial fleet and they destroy a super star destroyer. Then the space battle is led into the Death Star II's tunnel systems and Lando Calrissian and Wedge blow the second Death Star up.

The Space Battle Edit

Admiral Ackbar was in the command of the Space portion of the battle, and put Lando Clarissian in charge of the fighters as well as the core run. The original plan was to have the capital ships surround the space station and the fighters go past the downed shield and enter the core, destroy the power center, and the station would explode killing Vader and the Emperor. The Rebels did not realize that this was the Emperor's and that the shield had not been deactivated. The fleet was surrounded by Star Destroyers, and the rebels were forced to attempt to blast their way out.

As revealed in Star Wars: Rogue Leader, the fighter groups played an important role in the space portion of the battle.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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