An Award is given to someone for accomplishing something.

Star Wars: Battlefront IIEdit

In Star Wars: Battlefront II Award weapons are given to players who accomplish certain feats with another, similar weapon. Award bonuses are also give in the same manner.

Objective Weapon Award
Frenzy: Kill 12 enemies in one life Blaster Rifle Elite Rifle
Gunslinger: Kill 6 enemies in one life Blaster Pistol Precision Pistol
Regulator: Kill 6 enemies in one life Shotgun Flechette Shotgun
Demolition: Hit 4 critical points on a Vehicle in one life Rocket Launcher Remote Rocket Launcher
Technician: Slice into a vehicle Fusion cutter Vehicle Regeneration
Marksman: 6 headshots Sniper Rifle Beam Rifle
Endurance: Gain 8 points in one life Gain 8 points Energy Recuperation
Guardian: Gain 16 points in one life Gain 16 points Shielding
War Hero: Gain 24 points in one life Gain 24 points Damage Increase

Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade SquadronEdit

Main article: Medal

In Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron the player recieves medals as an award for accomplishing set goals.


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