ATD (Snail tank)

This tank up close.

The Armored Tank Droid, sometimes referred to as the Snail Tank, is a single-tread, single-pilot CIS vehicle that appears in Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron on Kashyyk and Felucia maps. They possess moderate health and are relatively slow at first, but can travel quite after after after charging up its engines. They are armed with the Mortar cannons against vehicles and shotgun-like Shock Cannons against infantry. These weapons are only effective at very short range and simply being at a slope will drastically reduce their accuracy. As such, it will often take multiple blasts to kill the Clone infantry. The mortars are very good at dealing with infantry and vehicles up close, but this allows enemies to use their own Thermal Detonators against you. All in all, it is considerably weaker then its IFT-X counterpart, and is only a little better than AT-RT.

Like all other vehicles in Battlefront, it can be repaired by the friendly engineers and sliced into by the enemy ones (procedure that takes several seconds uniterrupted and removes the enemy crew from the vehilce without damaging it.) The small tread cylinder at its back is the weak spot, and all attacks landed there will deal vastly increased damage.

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