Alzoc III was a slightly isolated planet on which the Talz lived. It was covered in snow due to frequent snowstorms.

Star Wars: Empire at War seriesEdit


A frozen planet in the Alzoc system in the Outer Rim, the moonless planet is covered with desolate, frozen plains, and its powerful sun glares harshly off the reflective snow. Wildlife on Alzoc III is almost non-existent with only Snow Slugs and the Talz readily visible on the planet's surface. The Talz conduct mining operations underground with exports such as the valuable Alzoc pearl. [1]


Tactical InformationEdit


Additional income is gained by the contolling faction from Talz mining.

Trade RoutesEdit


Planetary information and statisticsEdit

  • Advantage: High Credit Value
  • Population: Talz
  • Wildlife: Snow Slug
  • Terrain: Arctic; Frozen tundra
  • Additional galactic population capacity: 5
  • Maximum Land Structures: 5
  • Maximum Space Structures: 1
  • Maximum Space Station Level: 2


Notes and ReferencesEdit

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  2. 2.0 2.1 Weather and upgrade icons on the right of the screen during tactical land battles on Alzoc III

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