The Alliance Special Forces, better known as the SpecForce, were a branch of the Alliance military that were attached to Alliance High Command. The rest of the Army consisted of the various Sector Forces making the SpecForce troopers original in command strucutre terms.

Specifically selected for high skill, morale, bravery and dedication to the Rebel cause, SpecForce soldiers were often either from subjugated worlds, or were Imperials disillusioned by the government's tyranny. Rebel forces tended to be more individualistic and ragtag than the forces of the Imperial Military.

SpecForce should not be confused with Special Operations (SpecOps) groups who participated in murky undercover missions that typically involved investigating, snooping and hectic seat-of-the-pants assignments with minimal input from Alliance Command. There was a deep rivalry between the two branches. Although SpecForce members recognized the need for SpecOps, and some considered them capable soldiers, they tended to think of Special Operations agents as amateurs who relied on luck to complete their missions. Likewise SpecOps agents tended to regard their counterparts as a group of arrogant, over-trained grunts with over inflated opinions of their own importance.

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