Abandoned Sensor Relay is a formerly Imperial structure that appears in the Star Wars: Empire at War and its expansion Forces of Corruption.

This neutral structure provides huge bonuses to any side when captured by the infantry. First of all, it will lift the fog of war over the entire map, revealing positions of all enemy units and structures. This allows you to respond to any potential threats in advance while preparing your own offensives with utmost precision. This is especially important when calling for Bombing Runs or using artillery. Also, the Sensor Relay prevents enemy from landing reinforcements or calling Bombing Runs in a large area around it, creating a safe zone for your troops and support structures.

It appears on two maps, Kessel Run I and Naboo Incursion. In both cases, it is located amidst two Turbolaser Tower emplacements and several Resource Pads, which further highlights its importance and makes it a necessity to send troops there as soon as possible.

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