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A clone apart

A Clone Apart, the series.


': "Yeah, I mean it is not like being payed or anything by being clones. "


': "No, but what other business can you shoot people for free? "

— Danson and Bhiff talking about their duty to the republic on Kamino

[[A Clone Apart |[src]]]

A Clone Apart is a mini-series made entirely in Star Wars: Battlefront II using a technique known as machinima. It tells the story of Danson, Delta-40, a Clone Trooper who ends up in the Galactic Civil War era.


The a clone apart pic

Danson, facing a day dream of his early days on Kamino.


Danson Delta-40 is the only remaining survivor of a failed batch of Clone troopers created hurriedly by Percy Beta-266 to aid the republic, but he's not the soldier they expected him to be. He has had no training whatsoever, he's very curious questioning almost everything he doesn't understand which makes him seem annoying, and doesn't even know how to handle a rifle. His first mission was to the Battle of Utapau when he decided to step into a time portal rather than getting killed by a destroyer and ends up in the imperial era. At first he is confused but is helped by his former clonetrooper comrade Bhiff Gamma-09. Now he goes on a long and dangerous journey working for both imperials and rebels, bounty hunting, mining on mustafar, and other jobs meeting both new and old friends and enemies, Danson is now searching for his true destiny. Told with humor this story will make you laugh as you follow the adventures of Danson Delta-40. This story takes place behind the scenes of the famous star wars episodes IV, V, and VI. It started when Danson Delta-40 and the Gamma batch were on Kamino. Commander Alpha-12 came to pick up men for a mission to Utapau. He remarked Danson had an annoying voice, and Percy Beta-226 said he had no special training. Bhiff Gamma-09 has been helping Danson. Alpha-47, a clone commander, said when he captured a Mygeetian power crystal that the CIS took it back over Utapau and put it in an energy collector on the planet.

This series currently has six episodes and can be watched at


  • Danson Delta-40 (Clone trooper)
  • Bhiff Gamma-09 (Clone trooper/Stormtrooper)
  • Commander Alpha-12 ( Clone Heavy trooper)
  • Percy "Scout" Beta-266 (Clone sharpshooter/Imperial scout)
  • Captain Macbomb (Shocktrooper/Sandtrooper)
  • Rook (Darktrooper)
  • Admiral Azzhoule (Imperial Officer)
  • Wookie warriors (squad of rebel marksman)
  • Rebel Marksman (Danson's love interest)
  • Darth Vader
  • Yoda
  • Boba Fett

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